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'97 Grand Am Problems

We have a '97 Pontiac Grand Am with a 3.1 V6 that is having some issues that we can’t seem to find the solution to.

The car start and seems to run fine. When you are driving it, however, it doesn’t have any power. Sometimes it will get a spike of power, but then quickly looses it. The exhaust is a little loud and we were told that it there was a problem with the manifold and I think there may be a head gasket problem because it slowly looses coolent. I have had a compression test done on the car and the garage that it was at said that the compression was good on all cylinders. So I am wondering if the obvious problems such as exhaust and maybe head gasket are causing the problems of if there is something else such as electrical or something that might be causing problems.

Any help with this issue would be greatly welcomed. Thank you for your time,


I assume you don’t have a CEL light on and have checked for any codes in the ECU that could give a clue to the trouble. I then would see how well all the plugs are firing and if that is good then look for problems with the intake air, fuel system, and exhaust system, for signs of trouble.