97 Dodge Ram Problem(s)

I have a 97 Ram 4x4 sport. It sat idle for about six months while I was in Iraq. It has mostly sat idle since I returned (bought a new vehicle). Now it wont start. If I spray starter fluid into the carb, it’ll fire (eliminates ignition problem). It acts as if starved for fuel. Replaced fuel relay fuse, no change. Next thought was fuel pump. Here’s the rub. also has Clifford Concept 60 alarm system installed (before I bought the truck). features fuel cut-off if senses attempted theft. Have always had some level of “poltergeist” with this option. Pulled mother board and it appears to have burned cicuits. Other than possibly fuel pump or “possessed” (short circuited) alarm, what else would interupt fuel delivery to engine?

Few vehicles had a carb in 1997…Check to see if there is fuel flow to the throttle body. If all else fails, run a hot wire from a dash-board switch to the in-tank fuel pump. Obtaining a wiring diagram for your vehicle would be very helpful to you…

My money’s on the alarm system being the problem. You could try bypassing it as Caddyman suggested. This seems like a pretty good idea, as you’ll know for sure if the pump is good. If the alarm’s giving you intermittent problems anyway, why not remove or replace it? You can tell if the fuel pump runs by having a helper turn the key to the run (not start) position while you listen carefully by the fuel tank. On most vehicles you will hear a kind of a high pitched ‘whizzing’ sound. The sound will cut off after a couple seconds unless you actually try to start the truck, as the computer shuts off the fuel pump if it does not detect that the vehicle’s motor is cranking. I suppose it’s possible that the pump was weak–it is over 10 years old–and sitting six months has seized it up.