97 dodge neon overheating

My 97 Doge Neon is overheating. I have replaced the belt, water pump, power relay switch, thermostat, and flushed out the radiator. Any other ideas on what it could be?

You could have a head gasket leaking combustion gases into the coolant system. Have a mechanic sniff the open radiator gas for the presence of hydrocarbons HC. I believe there is a strip test that is available to determine if there is combustion gases getting into the coolant. Check with your parts store.

Hope that helps.

I hope Researcher is not correct, but I am afraid he might be, a compression test would be in order. As I don’t know all cars and makes is it an electronically controlled cooling fan, and does it run?

Upper and lower hoses on the radiator. You did not mention these and it could be possible they are collapsing.

Also, you flushed the radiator, but are you sure it is not plugged up? I had a similar problem with a Toyota Pick-up, and had a radiator shop check it for me. the radiator was only flowing 40% of what it should have. I bought a replacement, and that fixed it.

If the upper radiator hose is swelling, that could be a symptom of a leaking head gasket.
You used plain water to flush the radiator? You can remove deposits from the radiator and engine with a mild cooling system clearer…widely available.