My car keeps overheating

I have a 1999 Dodg Neon and it keeps over heating on me. I already change the water pump because it give out. The pump works fine now but the car still overheats. It takes about 15min when driving for it to heat up,but if I turn on the a/c it takes about 7min for it to overheat. I hope u guys could help me out thanks.

Have you checked the thermostat? Are you using a 50/50 mix of coolant and water?

Always check the thermostat as well; if it stays closed too long the car will overheat. I would also try it with and without the heater on full blast. With the heater on it should take longer to overheat.

Also check for bubbles coming up in the cooling system by running the engine with the radiator cap off while parked. Remove it before starting the engine. If gas bubbles up, you have a head gasket leak, very common with this car.

In any case, you should get this properly fixed to avoid futher and much more serious problems.

I took off radiator cap off and i could see coolant bubbles but its that just the pump pumping the coolant through the the radiator? if its a head gasket leak how much would it cost to fix it, or maybe i could do it my self?

Its most likely your thermostat…get it fixed before you blow a gasket!!!

You need an inspection by a competent mechanic; don’t go to the dealer, since their rates are very high. There is a good chance you need a head gasket, and that repair is not cheap.

By the way, the coolant is not supposed to have bubbles in it; that would limit its ability to cool! The bubbles would be caused by exhaust gas excaping into the coolant and overheating it.

A friend of my wife has the same car, and had the same problem. She paid about $900 for a head gasket replacement, new coolant, radiator flush. I would budget about that much IF it is the head gasket. The radiator may also need flushing out; that would be included in whatever work they do.

But please get an expert opinion first.

This is somthing you definitely cannot do yourself!!!

Repeated overheating is pretty bad for an engine. You really want to get this figured out right away.

Neons have been plagued with head gasket problems over the years. I’d have it checked if I were you.