1998 Corvette

In July 2008, my car began to flash “Low Voltage”. Within a week it wouldn’t start at all. Suspecting alternator troubles, I took it to the shop where they checked the alternator and told me it was reading fine. They suggested I get a new battery. I did.

August 27, 2008, I was backing out of my driveway and when I put it in Drive, the “Change Fault System” light came on and my power steering went out COMPLETELY! I got it back in the driveway and turned it off. When I restarted it, the “Change Fault SYstem” light came on immediately and I still had no power steering. HELP???

Have you checked to make sure the accessory drive belt is still in place? If you need additional information post back and we can help further.

Have it towed to a place that can read the codes or diagnose the problem. A dealer may be able to give you better help than a place that guesses that you need a battery.

Sure enough…the belt was off. Thank the Lord it wasn’t an expensive problem! The belt wasn’t broken, wonder what made it come off? It did that last May too. Maybe I should just buy a new belt???

The cost of a belt is not that much compared to the labor of putting it on so you should get a new belt. If this is a multiribbed belt i.e. serpentine belt, a broken belt cord can cause the belt to climb off a pulley and then the whole belt climbs off the pulleys. If it is a V-belt a broken cord can cause the belt to roll over and eventually come off one of the pulleys. Have the mechanic check the alignment of the pulleys, the condition of the pulleys, and check the condition of all the accessories being driven. If one has a bad bearing that accessory should be rebuilt or replaced.

Hope that helps.