97 civic new clutch and transmission rebuilt noise

Im a first timer here please bare with me. Car is a 97 civic. I had a input shaft bearing replaced since i had the tranny off i decided to change the flywheel clutch and bearings. After install i have cold not shift into gears with engine running. I fixed the problem by removing almost all of the free play in the pedal. Should i replace the master to get some of the free play back in thd pedal?
Second and main problem, when i release the clutch pedal there is a ratchet/grinding noise. It changes with engine revving and the further out the pedal the louder the noise. I think i attached a noise clip lol.
I have dropped my transmission to ensure everything is installed correctly. reinstalled the tranny with the same noise. Bleeding the clutch did not help either. Pedal does seems soft but not getting stuck.
Any ideas or suggestions?

New parts:
Pilot bearing
Clutch disc
Pressure plate
throwout bearing

Bearing kit

When you let the clutch out, that connects the flywheel to the tranny input shaft, so the tranny will be turning. So it is possible the noise you are hearing isn’t related to the clutch, but to something inside the transmission still amiss. The input shaft usually has a bearing at the front of the transmission, and another one at the end of the input shaft, where it meets up with the flywheel. Did you replace both?

Edit: The transmission has oil in it right?

If you didn’t have clutch problem before, no reason to replace the MC. Just make sure it is bled of any air in the hydraulic line. And that the pedal free play is adjusted per the shop manual procedure.

yes i had a transmission shop install new bearings in the transmission and its full of oil. Looks like i will have the tranny back to them.

I know that noise and don’t ask why. The clutch disc is facing the wrong way. The center of the disk (the springs) is hitting the flywheel bolts.
You’ll have to look for damage both to the disc and the bolts.

The clutch disc does look pretty similar on both sides for that engine. I guess inadvertently reversing the clutch disc could indeed be the explanation.

The suggestion about a backwards disc is certainly possible. As a mechanic I’ve seen several cars towed in after a clutch job in which the disc was backwards.
As asterix mentions, the springs hit the flywheel bolts and can cause a ratcheting noise and hard shifting.

You really need to think about that disc and whether not the disc springs were facing the pressure plate as they should.

It does make since, however the disc i installed had writing on it that said this side towards flywheel and other side had alignment pins for the pressure plate.