97 chevy truck slow/no start & backfires

we have a 1997 C1500 chevy truck. it’s been sputtering & backfiring recently and the other morning after a heavy rain, it wouldn’t crank. someone told me to check the distributor & wires etc… this seems to have been a problem ever since someone crossed some wires when they “tuned” it up last year. it seams to happen when it’s wet outside. we live on panama city beach where the weather is warm & rainy/misty some days & cold the next. i want. is water somehow getting into the distributor somehow and if so, how?

The problem you describe is an example of what happens when the secondary ignition components become worn out. These components include the distributor cap, rotor, plug wires, and sparkplugs.

When these components become worn, they become succeptable to moisture. When this happens it can cause hard starting and misfires. So, if these are the original secondary ignition components, they’re due for replacement.


just had all those components replaced ran good for 5 days and then the rain started???

There are two ways of checking. One is to start the car and then start spraying one part at a time with water until it has problems or when it is giving you problems try spraying one part at a time with WD-40 (WD=Water Displacement). When it starts working that is it.

My guess, is the coil.