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97 chevy s10 vacuum hose air vents

i bought a 1997 chevy s10 that the air will only come out the floor and defrost. i checked to see about the vacuum hoses and none are connected. all are cut off at the t under the hood. is there a diagram that i can use to run new ones or what should i do.

4cyl or 6cyl. I found some of the diagrams on my schools alldata subscrition, but I need to know the engine code.

All you need to concern yourself with is the supply hose from the vacuum accumulator bulb,can you find this bulb? (and the source hose to the bulb). These diagrams are so emission oriented that they may confuse more than help.

its a 4cyl and i found the bulb that is attached to the hood but like i said eveything from that is cut off. there is just a t.

i found the bulb(attached to the hood and kinda looks like a toilet part.) and there is one hose connected to it and but short after that there is a t and both hoses on the t are cut off.

The source for you HVAC controls (that is Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) will be what is called manifold vacuum as opposed to ported vacuum. The HVAC system uses manifold vacuum and that little bottle should have a one-way valve on it. I actually cannot remember just where the vacuum accumulator is with the S-10,it certainly could be on the underside of the hood,or along a side of the frame rails.

I really think the source hose (when it gets to the HVAC control head will be blue in color and it makes a change in color somewhere at the firewall,let me check some books.

Look for a fitting on the intake that is capped off as the source for the bottle,with enough looking we (I say we but I can only speak for myself) will help you get this not so difficult problem sorted out. I must take a test right now but I will post back in about 1.5 hours.

no luck i tried to find a blue hose and there was nothing. also i could not see where something would come off the intake manifold. im new to this vehicle so any help would be great. the air needs re chargeing so i dont care about that right now i just want it to be coming out the vents and not just the floor and defrost before i go get it recharged.