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2001 chev s-10 LS 4.3 auto 4x2

i just bought this s-10 used. ive found/noticed a hose that isnt hooked to anything up by the blower motor under the hood… it gos down to a devise under the radiator area… looks like an electric smog pump. the pump has several vacum lines and wires going to it and it has a similar hose that gos to a tee and seems to feed both exhaust manifolds… so, is this a smog pump or what? my haynes doesnt seem to cover this item and ive never seen one of thease. why does the hose go nowhere?? looks like its been made longer to go to that spot from what ever length the factory had for that hose. i wanna know wgere to find more info on this system/item… what do you know?

Look at the emissions sticker under the hood. This usually reflects were the vacuum hoses are connected.


You’re talking about the air pump intake hose. ok you can call it a smog pump. It attaches to nothing.