97 ax4n noise

I had my trans (AX4N)rebuilt, spring of '09. A week after getting it back, I noticed a small leak along the front edge of the pan flange. They cleaned it & retightened the pan. Afew days later, same thing. They put in a cork pan gasket then, same result! Finally, I went under the car and inspected it myself and found the leak was trailing from the front seal area! Finally, they agreed to fix it a couple of months after rebuild. They put in a stator upgrade & maybe another torque converter. (why they wouldn’t have done that the 1st time…? Then the leak was gone. Now, months later, I get a whine sound when warm, above 30 F. Or colder once the fluid gets hot enough. The sound is like when you slowly bleed air from a balloon end. It usually starts at a slow speed ~ 15mph and goes constant from there. If you shut off ignition when rolling, it still happens. It does not really change its pitch when in neutral rolling either. It stays constant thru shifts. Almost seems like a final drive symptom? I’ve got about 1 yr left on warranty. Please reply.


from Tinley Park, IL.(Chicago south area)

Well you answered all the questions I had. It does sound like something from either the differential, to both fron axles to maybe even the front wheel bearings. I would take it somewhere else (another trans shop) and have them check it. Tell them to find the source of the noise.