'97 Acura 3.0CL coolant problem



I am trying to figure out what is wrong with daughters acura. Coolant leaking out out of engine( facing engine , LF tire side being front of engine), looks like behind s-belt idler pulley. Adding water to radiator ,cold and engine off, almost instantly starts running out from behind pulley(I think). Any ideas? I’m hoping not a blown headgasket but don’t know much about this motor.


Is that where the water pump is?


No waterpump is on backside of engine(i.e. facing engine RH side).


I’m pretty sure that the water pump on this engine is driven by the timing belt. If you find that it is the pump that’s leaking, make sure you have the timing belt replaced as well as the labor cost is the same.

(Edit) Never mind, wrote this post before your reply above.


Why is it so common to drive the water pump by the timing belt? BMW used to do this but engineered their way out of this complicating situation. Is it a money thing? Is this the cheapest way to do this even though it adds another twist to timing belt replacement?