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96 windstar again

Hi guys. This van doesn’t act up too often, but when it does…

Anyways, the CEL came on about a week ago and it started permorming poorly very shorly after that. The code was P340, so I had my mechanic, (who doesn’t seem too interested in a 14 year old van with 150,000 miles on it) change the Camshaft Position Sensor. Same thing happened, so that is not it. It rides ok when it is cruising, however at idle, it flucuates from normal RPM’s to very low, sometimes even stalling. IAC valve? TPS? Neither?

Any suggestions?

Correction P0340

Champ, Link This !


Champ, This Couild Be Coincidental, Too. You Don’t Say How Well This Lttle Jewel Is Maintained.

You also don’t indicate how much time elapsed between the CEL illumination and the "very shortly after that" poor performance.

Sometimes a CEL can set and not cause many symptoms. If this baby hasn’t had a good old-fashion tune-up for a while, that wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

How’s your spark plugs, fuel and air filters ?