'96 toyota tacoma missing while accelerating

Hello everyone. I have a 1996 toyota tacoma 2.4l dohc 2wd that when i accelerate starts to miss. it happens usually when the car is warmed up i have noticed. I have a new fuel filter, EGR valve, throttle positioning sensor, distributor cap, rotor, wires, plugs, and ignition coil pack. I need direction. i was thinking it could be something in the EVAP system or an ignition timing issue, but with the timing it says that it is factory set. if anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them. thank in advance.

About the only thing left is the ICM, ignition control module or “ignighter”, whatever triggers the coil…

Thanks i’ll look in to that. i’m thinking i should have the EVAP system checked to see if the fuel pressure is right.

Well, certainly, it could be weak spark, inadequate air flow (OR, measurement), or fuel control.
The easiest thing to measure, is fuel pressure. Measure fuel pressure in DRIVE, at 2000 rpm.
You could, also, clean the intake air tract to optimise air flow. Use Throttle Body Cleaner in the air intake to clean the idle air control valve, throttle bore and throttle plate. Use MAF Sensor Spray cleaner to optimise air flow measurement.

PS, I would like to hear from ONE person that they actually measured the fuel pressure, under the prescribed test conditions.

A check of the evap system won’t help for fuel pressure. You need a pressure gauge on the fuel rail - see hellokit’s advice below.

If the fuel pressure checks out (but it has to be under load) I would actually check the compression.