96 Toyota 4Runner Transmission problems



I have a 96 4Runner 2WD Automatic V6. I have a check engine light on and the error says that the 5th servo (or Servo E) is out. The problems is that the tranny only has 3 servos. I had a transmission shop replace all of the servos and the check engine came on again. They replaced the servos a second (thankfully on their nickel) and the check engine light just came on again! The two times it came back on I was traveling at Interstate speeds. Anyone out there have any ideas what could cause this?


You may have to give us the actual code being stored in the computer. It is possible that the computer is commanding an action that is not occuring for example the computer commanding Torque Converter Clutch lockup and not seeing the desired effect. You don’t mention how the transmission is shifting. Are you getting all the shifts at the right engine and vehicle speeds? Are all the shifts of the usual feel i.e. not too hard and not too soft? Can you feel the TCC lock and unlock as you throttle down and up? Have you tried running in Direct and Second to see if the CEL reactivates. Has the transmission shop done a pressure check on the transmission at idle; at stall; and as it has been driven. Some of the code readers can display the actual RPM of the engine, input shaft, and the output shaft to observe any mismatchs due to slipping.

When you do solve this problem let us know what was done and what was the cause.