96 sebring cranks but doesn't fire

96 sebring 2.5l v6 non-convertible
Ran terribly for 12 blocks when I bought it, then died and wouldn’t start.
Bought it because friend said that mechanic had told him it just needed the head gasket changed
Replaced the head gasket then it would crank but not start

checked, getting spark and compression on all 6 cylinders
-crank position sensor
-combination distributor/camshaft position sensor/coil
-flushed fuel system and replaced gas

checked everywhere for possibly misconnected wires and possible misconnected vacuum tubes, they are all triple checked ok.

Checked the timing about a dozen times. Checked for misaligned timing sprockets, all ok, no sheared keyways, valves open and close at appropriate times / correct order and crankshaft timing mark matches cyl 1 position.

Fuel pressure is great.

Turns over but doesn’t fire at all.

Any ideas?

What are your compression numbers for each cylinder? (actual psi).

When you say “fuel pressure is great” what does that mean? How did you check it? On a fuel injected car the only way to really check it is with an actual pressure gauge to find out if its within specs.

Have you checked for power to the fuel injectors? Either listened or used a test light to find out if they’re firing?