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96 Mercury Sable power steering, etc

I drove our 96 Mercury Sable LS with the V6 duratec engine and stopped at a gas station to meet someone. Went inside and left the motor running. When I went to leave the steering wheel was jerky and stiff, as if the power steering was turning off and on. At the same time and in sequence with that, the “low coolant level” and “seat belt” lights were blinking. I turned the car off and restarted. It seemed to happen again for a few seconds. I drove home and nothing repeated the entire way (about 40 miles). The rack and pinion is new. I just don’t know why the three things would happen at the same time. Is there a switch or relay that controls all three that is getting flaky? Thanks.

I can’t explain the connection to the seatbelt light at all - but at least check your serpentine belt and tensioner. It does run the power steering and water pumps. Also do check the coolant level.

I’ll check that. All of the fluids are at the needed levels.