96 Lumina Overheating


I have a 96 Lumina which I use for work. I stop and go frequently and during my travels I notice the temp. gauge starts moving toward the redline. It doesn’t rest there and neither does the car actually overheats. Once I stop the stop and go driving it returns to normal. I had the fluids changed and noticed it was a little below the normal level. Any advice.


As long as it’s not actually getting into the red, you should be okay. However, I’d guess that the fan isn’t spinning up when you’re moving more slowly. Does this car have a mechanical (belt-powered) fan or one driven by an electric motor?


This is front wheel drive. The fan is electric. Check to see if it is running when the car gets up to temperature. If it is leaning towards red, the fan should absolutely be running. If it is, you may need to flush out the cooling system, especially the radiator.