96 Geo Prizm Starter problems

The starter in my Prizm was locked continuously on when I turned my car off. No matter what I did it would not shut off. I made it stop by removing a battery cable but not before it burned up my starter. I replaced the starter and the car worked fine for a couple of weeks. However, I heard the car making sounds like it was trying to start and discovered the starter was locked on again. I was able to unhook the battery before it burned up the new starter but now can’t hook it back up without it continuing to stay on. I have read that it could be the starter relay. If that is the case I haven’t been able to locate exactly which relay it is. Any help would be hreatly appreciated.

Your owners manual should have a diagram showing the location of the fuses/relays.

Or plan B: Open the hood & pop the lid off of the relay box. Flip it over, is there a diagram there?

When it would’nt stop cranking did you try shifting to reverse or drive? Did it stop cranking?

Do you have the start circuit wiring diagram?