96 Dodge Caravan trans problem

I removed a transmission from a van that drove and had local shop install it to a different van. After installation the vasn would not move. I removed the cooling lines and started the van up, put trans in neutral, then checked for fluid being pumped out…Nothing. What could be the problem? I also replaced the TCM with the one from the donor van. the receiving van is a 97 caravan with 3.8 four speed and donor was a 97 caravan with 3.3 four speed.

Sorry, donor van was a 96 and receiving van was a 97.

What is the fluid reading on the dipstick and is it the dipstick from the donor? Also was ATF+4 used?

fluid level on full mark and dipstick not sure about. I supplied the ATF+4.

well this site seems to useless in trying to solve my tranny problem.

You tell us you put in a known good transmission and now it won’t even pump fluid. Neither you or the mechamoc that did the job (and has the car there to look at) can figure out why. Now you are ticked off at us because the few facts that you give us are contradictory and dont lead to a solution.
The only thing I can think of that would cause a good transmission to not pump fluid when it was full of fluid would be if the torque converter bolts were not put in.