96 Corolla Knocking

I have a 96 Corolla with 180k miles. 4 days ago the illumination lights went out along with the parking lights and tail lights. blowing fuses left and right. has to be a short somewhere. thats not the real problem. the day after that happened and knock appeared under the car between 15-35 mph. no idea from where. please help. it is our only car.

Is the knocking sound coming from the engine, or does it seem to make a knocking sound related to something broken and spinning while hitting the frame?

My only guess would be that an electrical short may have somehow damaged the engine knock sensor. (I’m not sure if that’s even possible) What say techs?

I finally got it fixed. In 2005 we had the wheel bearings replaced. Turns out they had a one year warranty and it had been almost two years and they went out. Earlier this year we also had to replace the CV shafts. The combination of all this rattling over the last couple years also damaged the brakes. Our mechanic just recently started dealing with a better supplier and got us wheel hub assemblies and brake calipers/rotors with lifetime warranties on them. I wasn’t too happy about the cost, but at least it is fixed now. The electrical ended up being a brake light switch that failed and caused all the electrical trouble.