1996 Toyota Corolla - Knocks

Even please help I have a Toyota Corolla 1,300 of 1996 my problem is that it has a knock from the engen and the warning life from the keybod that resembles oil is always on I don’t understand weather the oil pump is mulfunctioning or it’s just the oil itself is now needing to be changed and the last worry that I have is that when I remove the oil filter it is empty with a small drip of oil tht cannot fill a teaspoon I want to know if it needs an oil pump exchange or minor service

Your engine sounds like it has no oil. Have you pulled the dipstick to check the level? If you’ve been driving it with no oil, you don’t need a “minor service”, you need another engine!

Your engine doesn’t have an oil level sensor OR a “maintenance required” warning light

What you’re seeing is the low engine oil pressure warning

Considering you’re already hearing “a knock” . . . to use your words . . . your engine is already damaged

Not to sound too harsh . . . you’d best prepare to replace this car

It doesn’t make financial sense to even drop in a used engine, in my opinion

by the way . . . do you check the engine oil level frequently?

I know for a fact that all of the Corolla engines from that generation 1993 - 1997 used a LOT of oil, so if you’re in the habit of of not checking the level in between oil changes, you won’t get away with it