96 Chevy silverado

Can replacing the water pump stop my truck from burning motor oil?

that depends.
Does the new water pump come attached to a new engine?

Replacing your water pump won’t do much of anything for your engine burning oil. Is your truck overheating?

I was going through oil frequently every 2 weeks I was adding oil. Now that I replaced my water pump oil doesn’t seem to be getting low. Searched for answeres but couldn’t find anything in this topic. Need answer

If you are not using oil as much as you were and you check it on a regular basis where is the problem. Call it a lucky coincidence and drive on. The water pump has nothing to do with burning oil.

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Doesnt make any sense to me. Needed others pov.

No. The water pump on one of those vortec engines does not connect to the oil passages at all. So…no.

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I think such a thing is unlikely, but theoretically possible at least. For example if Silv’ey 's engine was overheating b/c of poor water pump flow, that could in theory have allowed the internal engine parts dimensions to enlarge enough that more oil got past the oil control rings, and out the exhaust system. Oil could simply leak out of the engine too if the parts got too hot. Like from a crank or cam seal. Or even a valve cover or oil pan seal. Good idea to check the PCV system in any case, and faulty parts in that can cause oil loss.