96 Chev Dis-Astro Van is a Head Gasket Case



96 Chev Dis-Astro Van

Really is in good condition for age and only 110k miles.

It?s a short daily driver and space to haul. Ugly boxy and drives like a boat.

Oh?Whoa is me? let?s look at the other pending vehicle repair.

Gee now we know were all that cooling fluid was going.

Head Gasket!

Now it?s been sitting for about 10 months. It?s sitting as was and as is.

Does this time with fluid add to the grief when and if it?s towed away for repair?



You indicate you had coolant loss in your post. Was the coolant entering the crank-case? Antifreeze sitting in the oil pan for 10 months will have completely destroyed the bearings. If it was just going out the exhaust (white smoke) you will probably have to replace the entire exhaust system as well as fixing the head problem. Is there any antifreeze in the vehicle or just water? Has the temperature in your area dropped below freezing in the last 10 months? If it only contains water and has frozen you could have more problems.