96 Cavalier Fuel filler Pipe/ 03 Tracker Camshaft Position sensor



Hi there! I’ve got two questions. The first deals with my girlfriend’s new/old 96 Chevy cavalier (2.2L). My friend is giving her the car, and the only problem is a hole (someone shoved a screw there) in the filler pipe, so it leaks when it’s on a hill (rear down, front up). You have the neck from where you put the gas nozzle when filling up, that leads to a connector, then you have the pipe, another connector, and then the gas tank itself. The hole is in the pipe between the neck and the tank. The problem is, I’m not sure what that part is called, and don’t know what to ask for when calling places to see if I can buy it. It appears easy enough to replace, just need the part.

The second question is one that’s been bugging me for awhile, and is less straightforward. Last time I had my '03 Chevy Tracker smogged(several months ago), the guy said there was an error in the camshaft position sensor. (It’s been awhile so I forget the exact error, but when I looked it up online, it summed up to ‘it’s bad, replace it’). What is the camshaft position sensor, and does it being bad mean anything? He suggested it could affect fuel economy, but I haven’t noticed any change. In fact, last time I checked, it was actually better than usual!


The first answer to your question is it’s called the Gas Tank Supply/Filler Tube. And the only place to aquire one is at the dealer. Unless you find one at a auto recycling yard.

As to your second question, the camshaft position sensor only comes into play as the engine is being started. When the computer recieves a signal from camshaft position sensor as the engine is cranked over, the injectors are held wide open to get the engine to start. Once the engine starts, and the ignition switch is allowed to go to the run position, the computer then recieves a signal from the crankshaft position sensor. And this is when the injectors get the pulse signal.

There are several codes that relate to camshaft position sensor. So without knowing the exact code, it’s hard to say what’s going on with it.



Thanks! We can special order the part from a dealer, but we also found a place that if we bring the part in they might have something that’ll work, for a lot cheaper(we tried the junkyard today, unfortunately, all the tubes were cut when they took out the gas tanks!). As for the error, I found it. Error P0340 Camshaft position sensor circuit malfunction.