96 accord overheating at low speeds and idle

I noticed this lately as it’s getting warm. When I’m driving in a frustrated way:) like up and down parking lots waiting for a space, the engine heats up substantially. It has been gradually happening. Never ever overheated last summer even in very rough conditions.

The fan does not come on unless I turn the car off either. Anyone else with a honda will notice this that when it’s shut off the fan comes on but otherwise why is the fan not coming on while I’m idling? My AC doesn’t work so that’s not causing it. And the coolant is filled up (and was flushed 2 yrs ago)

I’m thinking first step is radiator treatment/flush. (at home that stuff is only $5 dollars)

Second step? Thermostat changed? don’t know

have any advice as to what to check?

Try turning on the A/C. That should turn on the radiator fan.

First step it to get that fan on. Second step would be to have the radiator looked at, but if you do the first step I doubt if you will need the second.

The non-functioning cooling fan is the reason the engine is overheating. There is a coolant temperature sensor in the radiator. It may be faulty. Or the fan relay may be faulty, or the fan motor itself.

Find out why the fan isn’t working.