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95MPG in a Civic

Yes, it can be done without breaking the laws of thermodynamics:


Uglier than a Honda Element?

Yes, I suppose that it may be possible, even though I strongly suspect that this guy is padding the numbers by quite a bit. However, no matter what his actual mpg turns out to be, his savings on fuel will probably be wiped out when he is ticketed for not having bumpers on his car.

Got rice?

I don’t buy those numbers for one minute. The car is fairly aerodynamic originally and a perceived gain from aerodynamic differences is going to be offset by excess weight. Added 20 cubic feet to the back? Nice.

From the exaggerated mileage claims stock to mileage claims now to the estimated top speed to the loss of 3 MPG at night with the lights is utter BS.

The car is rated at 31 MPG and he claims to be getting 50s/60s before these modifications? What a waste of a decent little car. My first stop would be the grocery store; not for food, but for a plastic bag and string to make sure there is no leakage when the bag is pulled over my head.
Makes an Aztec look wonderful.

It reminds me of a Citroen…

Besides being dirt ugly, it likely is nowhere close to doing what was claimed.

I do believe you might get 95 mpg in a Civic, but it would not be real world drivable.

No way.

And this guy claims he loses 3 MPG with the lights being on because he drives at night??

I don’t believe those numbers for a minute. Look at how sloppy and rough the work is… there must be incredible turbulence in the airflow over this thing. And the added weight can’t be trivial… The basic principle of streamlining (and a boattail rear) is valid, but not this implementation.

95 MPG my … not everyone has the patients or time to coast down the biggest hill they can find. OH wait, you are serious! My wife gets similar gas mileage with her GM product - because it is hooked up to a tow truck most of the time.
See people, what did I tell you. Some Clinton Liberal will always scheme a plan to screw the people when they are in a near panic state of mind.

Note how this guy is using one of those mounted digital readouts to provide these outlandish figures rather than real world information.

Kind of reminds me of the message center on my Lincoln. Going downhill, at idle while coasting in neutral, and the Instant MPG figure will hit 99 MPG. Not bad for a 2+ tons V-8 car.
Now if I could do the same on the flat and off-idle I’d be set fuel economy wise. Unfortunately, it always drops back to a real world 27 when the foot is placed on the accelerator pedal.

Pretty shoddy fabrication work too. I bet that mess actually increases drag:)

I’ll betcha you could get better than EPA with the Civic, but not 95 mpg. I bought a 2002 Civic 5 speed and drove it (VERY CAREFULLY) to the beach one Summer, at night, very few stops (traffic was very light at night) and easy on the gas . . . I got over 56 mpg . . . filled-up when I left home, then filled-up when I got there, 295 miles using 5 gallons of gas, same procedure . . . filled until it stopped, then a bit more until it splashed out of the neck. But this was with no A/C . . . 60 mph . . . cruise control on 95% of the time . . . flat terrain . . . no traffic . . . no stops. Real world it was an honest 40 mpg combined. My advice to the OP . . . keep 'em flying (the flags of discontent) don’t give up and keep experimenting . . . and file a provisional patent to establish your inception date just in case on of the big car companies pick up on your design. Cool post! Rocketman

Only our dear friend, Norm, could try to link a badly-done bit of bodywork to political affiliations–especially since nobody knows the political affiliations (if any) of the person who built the car or the person who posted the information.

Nice try, Norm. Luckily, most people on this board do have a lot of PATIENCE, because otherwise you would have been gone long ago.

Besides all the above posts about this can’t possibly work…

The car is NO LONGER A HONDA CIVIC. Is the H2 a Suburban??? Is the H3 a GMC Envoy??? This car may share the same engine and interior…but it’s no longer a Civic. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to do that (even if the workmanship was GOOD - WHICH THIS IS NOT) to their car.

That car is awful, just plain awful. The craftsmanship is so appalling that it looks like drag would INCREASE all around that thing. Not sure what state he’s in, but he’d never pass an inspection in mine with that mess. I believe 95 mpg- if he’s coasting down a steep hill :wink:

Mechanically the H2 IS a 3/4 ton Suburban. I do agree that what the guy did to that car is appalling; I would be embarrassed to be seen in that. It looks like a prop from Plan 9 From Outer Space

Mechanically the H2 IS a 3/4 ton Suburban.

That’s my point…Mechanically it is…but you don’t call a H2 a Suburban…Mechanically the Civic and this POS are the same…but I wouldn’t still call it a Civic.

Actually I do make it point to refer to the H2 as a glorified suburban whenever someone makes a reference to one in conversation.

I thought it looks like a blinged up Jeep Liberty

I think it’s cute - in a butt-ugly kind of way. Very much like a Citroen, dontcha think?