95 tbird 4.6l dealer says bad pcm o2 sensor error

I did everything I could except clean the EGR ports in the throttle body and replace the DPFE sensor for the p0108 CEL code so I took it to the Ford dealer.

They at first said the “after market” MAF sensor I replaced wass “out of spec” so I agreed to have them replace the MAF and clean the throttle body and replace the DPFE sensor for about $850. They called me back about 2 hours later and said I need a new PCM for another $500 and by the way my “out of spec” after market MAF was now O.K? The reason they said the PCM was bad the right bank heated o2 sensor lead was around 7 volts when disconnected and would not give the “too rich” error code. Am I being bamboozled here. I think they are missing something, a vacuum leak perhaps?

JMHO, but checking for a vacuum leak should be one of the first steps in diagnosing an engine performance problem.
Leaks are a common problem, can cause all kinds of grief, and with the use of a vacuum gauge it can be determined within 30 seconds if a leak exists or not.

A vacuum leak can cause O2 error codes and even MAF codes.

Without knowing what codes exist it’s difficult to make much of a guess and a faulty PCM is a diagnosis that I’m alway skeptical of because more often than not there is nothing wrong with the PCM.

Annually, on a nationwide basis, I wonder how much money is squandered chasing these “check engine light” ghosts and hob-goblins around? Billions of dollars is being wasted replacing perfectly good parts in the never ending quest to get that light to go out and stay out…

We should DEMAND the EPA PROVE that emissions testing actually improves air quality (they can’t) or they stop doing these worthless tests and get this CEL monkey off our backs.