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2008 Ford Mustang - Codes

Auto zone checked my error codes. Recommendation:reprogram PCM. Do I have to buy an expensive tool to flash the computer or is there an easier way? Thanks!

You should never leave AutoZone with a diagnosis or buy any parts resulting from s scan. You can post the codes here for more qualified input or bring it to a repair shop for proper diagnosis.

Thanks for the quick reply!! My o2 sensors are stuck rich… I replaced the bank1 sensor 1 on both sides… no change… po61b has continually come up after I changed my cool air intake from one that was designed for a v8 to one designed for my car a v6 I assume the prior owner flashed the computer to comply with the upgraded cool air intake… I am going backwards… but It is an upgrade from stock. since I cleaned the throttle body… it is running much better… never had a problem at speed but idle has been all over the place. sometimes great other times rough… i think the compputer has adjusted as far as it can and now to get rid of the check engine it needs a new flash or a new maf… I cleaned that too. the flash tools ie from bama tunes are 399. too much for me… i am looking to taking it repair shop… but love doing things myself any suggestions?

So let’s get this straight . . .

You’re trying to get your air intake system back to bone stock configuration?

no…sorry about the confusion…

I already replaced v8 cool air with one that fits my 4.0 v6… but in doing that my idle got messed up and I have a check engine light I am having a hard time removing.

The change in airflow is going to make havoc with the PCM, so I think you are on the right track with a proper reflash. I would assume that would also solve the 02 sensors issues also. The PCM reads the airflow and throttle position and uses that as determining torque, I am guessing that the change in air flow is confusing the PCM triggering the code, and not burning the fuel correctly cousing 02 sensors to discover the problem. As far as reflashing, I know nothing.

For a factory reflash you go to the Ford dealer. Cheaper than a handheld tuner that would not come with a factory tune anyway. Once you have the factory tune back into the car, you can narrow down any last problems.