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95 silverado loses power

i have a 95 chevy silverado. 305 with an automatic transmission.
i was driving down the street at about 30mph when the power went out on me.

The engine stayed on and all lights stayed on. I could rev the engine but the truck wouldnt move.

i then had a friend tow to my house and i let it sit overnight trying to decide what to do next.

the next day i went out and started it and it and was able to drive it again for a short distance at low speed and then it did the same thing again.

any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Explain “the power went out,” please.

Time for a trans fluid and filter service?

Yeah, I agree. That’s what I’d do first too.

well the motor stayed on and all dash light stayed on.
i could give it gas and it would rev but it just wouldnt “go” so i had to just coast it to the curb.
once at the curb i could rev the engine and it wouldnt go.

so i just shut it off and had my brother tow it home.
i let it sit overnight and the next day went out and started it up.
i was then able to drive it a short distance and the same thing happened.

thanks for your suggestions.

check the trans fluid