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95 s-10 5spd shifter

95 s-10 4cyl 5spd 2wd.Shifter suddenly feels real loose and sloppy.Also shifting from 1-2-3 i have to bring vehicle up to rpm then let rpms slow way down or it will grind between those gears,if i shift real slow its fine and between 3-4-5 its fine shifting no matter what.when i say grind it might just be for a second before it shifts.clutch doesnt seem to slip at all,i can bring on power between shifts and it never slips…any thoughts, and does have plenty of fluid in clutch resevoir

I would have the shift linkage checked.

havent crawled under truck yet,but being rear wheel drive i assumed shifter went straight into trans?

saw picture online of trans and shifter goes in top of case…so looking for someone with trans exp., who might have an idea what is causing looseness…not looseness as shifter is falling out of case,but general looseness and sloppy that suddenly occurred

Yes, the shifter goes directly into the transmission. There is a nylon bushing between the shifter ball and the selector shaft. If that is missing or broken out, you will get a lot of slop. The bushing is easy to get to by removing the four bolts holding the shifter to the tail housing. I can’t remember just what you have to remove to gain access to those bolts.

Hopefully, the grinding going into 2nd and 3rd is because of the lack of precision of the selector engaging their syncronizers. If tightening up the shifter does not relieve the grinding, you are looking at internal transmission work. I assume that you have the correct type and amount of lubrication inside the transmission.

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