95 Quest intermittant won't start



new battery, obt diagnostic check 55 (no fault). Turn key, starts, runs fine. Turn key, starts, runs sluggish or dies as soon as throttle released. Turn key, absolutely nothing, not even a click. (Not in order)


I would start with finding out what is causing the starting problem first. It sounds like there is a intermittent power connection problem or a problem with the ignition circuit.

If you haven’t cleaned the battery connections already do that using a battery brush. It would be good to know if the warning lights come on at least when you turn the key to ON. If they don’t then check the main power wire to the power distribution panel under the hood. If you do get power to the instrument panel then try starting the car in the neutral position to see if the neutral safety switch is the problem.


Yep, should have said the dash lights and instruments and all came on. Checked transmission range sensor/neutral safety switch and it was fine, shifted out of park then back in - tested bad. Two more shift cycles and it tested good again. That parallels my starting problem. Thanks!