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95 Park Avenue Ultra Supercharged

Next issue with this pig. The climate control computer went black on the dash, but it still blows cold air on the floor and the defrost not the middle vents. If I was to change out the computer, is it just a plug and play? And what other makes,models or years of Buick are interchangeable with this specific piece? It’s model # 16181974. Thanks folks.

That’s the default mode. When everything is lost, it defaults to defrost so you can see and a little heat on the feet so you don’t freeze to death. That might be a one off design so may have trouble finding one but best bet would be checking with a junk yard for compatability.

Nope, available at for $197 minus the $67 core charge. Just click on the part number and it will show the other cars used on, but looks like LeSabre and Riviera of similar years.

1995 BUICK PARK AVENUE 3.8L V6 Supercharged : Heat & Air Conditioning : Climate Control Computer Price Core Total
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # ECC64 {#16181974, 16201433, 16214484} Remanufactured
w/ Auxiliary Control; OE No. 16214484

+1 for @Bing . You called the vehicle a pig but it’s 20 years old. Just like milk…vehicles don’t last forever.