95 olds cutlass

no brake lights. third brake light works but both bulbs on left rear don’t work. right side works. bulbs are ok. do they work thru the turn signals ?

i also changed wiring hareness in trunk. the one that goes from one side to the other. there is no wire coming out of that hareness that is brake light wire. on wire diagram it looks like the brake lights work thru the turn signal switch

Does the FRONT left turn signal work? Does the signal bulb flash as normal for this vehicle or does it flash very fast.

AS far as the brake lights go, the left rear bulb gets it’s power from the brake light switch connection the same as the right brake light.

Either there is a bad ground to that bulb socket, a bad bulb, a wire not making a proper connection or NO power going to that bulb socket.

One other thing, you said you replaced the wiring harness. Did you replace the wires one at a time or all at once. Perhaps the wires are mixed up going to the left rear lights.

Follow the yellow brick road. The power (12 Volts) starts at Fuse #5 (15 Amp). Goes to the stoplight switch. The white wire leaves the stop light switch and splits into two white wires. One white wire becomes light blue and goes to the center brake light. The other white wire goes to the turn signal switch. Two wires, a yellow and a dark green, leave the turn signal switch and go to the two-element ‘tail/turn/stop light’. The yellow wire to the left side. The dark green wire to the right side. All ground wires are black. A brown wire leaves the headlight switch and powers all the tail lights and the license plate light. A light green wire comes from the gear selector switch to power the back up lights. These readings are from the wiring diagram that I found. Keep following the yellow brick road and you’ll get there.

Bad turn signal switch in the steering column.

i replaced the harness. unplugged (there are six wires in this one cluster) one then plugged the otherone in. the turn signals work fine. was reading diagram it showed the brake light wires going to the turn signal switch. is this hard to replace? don’t know if anybody had done it before ?

It’s a good way to kill an afternoon.

You’ll need a few tools, particularly a steering wheel puller. You’ll also need plenty of patience, since the inside of the steering column is little cramped.

If the car has air bags I’d pass on it if I were you, and let a pro handle the job. Triggering an air bag will get expensive in a hurry, if it doesn’t kill you.


You could get creative. Since the center brake light works, splice into that wire (light blue) and run wires to the other brake lights.