95 Ford Windstar Noise when starting

Peiple have called it “tappits” but am not sure this is the pro name for it. When we start our car, it makes this noise but soon goes away after driving a short distance. We usually only drive short distances and then it’s stop, turn the car off, then start up again (like running short errands). Anyway, our mechanic thought we needed a heavier grade of oil to hopefully alleviate the noise but after replacing the oil, the noise still persists. Someone thought it might be the oil pump. Just an FYI, we live in the mountains in Colorado at about 8k feet in case this has anything to do with it. Any hints is appreciated.

Try a good, name brand (other than Fram) filter, and put the correct oil back in.

The Motorcraft filters that are designed by Ford for your vehicle are reasonably priced and have excellent anti-drainback valves. Make sure you have one. Get that “heavier” oil out of there an use what it says to use in your owner manual.