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'95 Ford F150 Stops when Stops

I have a '95 Ford F150 with a manual transmission and when I come to a stop light, the engine will either idle down more then it should then go back to normal or it will idle down and then stall out. And when I accelerate, I have to gun the engine for it to go forward or it will stall out again. I replaced the fuel filter and cleaned the air intake area and it still happens. Any ideas?

Also, I have used fuel injector cleaner and then later some dry gas thinking I may have gotten some water in the tank. I was miss-firing a few weeks ago on a trip when I had the truck up to 70 or so and going uphill…

It sounds like a sluggish idle air control (IAC) valve. I don’t know what cleaning the air intake area means, but did you clean that?

But then you mention missing under load? Check the fuel pressure.