95 civic problem

Hi i got a 95 civic and had the clutch preplaced and some times when let go if the clutch after shifting the front tires feel like there bounceing. At first i thought it was the shocks and had the replaced but it still dose it.And one more thing whats the easyest way to che the timeing on the same car, the car in 1st and 2nd gear it feels real heavy and in 3rd gear the car just sudently takes of,they told me it was the v-tech kicking in but the car is a d1.5b7 non-vtech, whats why i thinks its a timeing problem.THANKS FOR YOU HELP

Your problems are of the type that a mechanic has to get his hands on it to begin to know what’s wrong. When letting out the clutch, the uneven pull could be from the clutch not engaging cleanly and fully. The pressure plate may have high spots.
I don’t think it has a timing problem. I won’t guess what’s causing the acceleration problem. Several checks of the fuel system and the ignition system need to be done. I hope you find a mechanic.

whats a ( hight spot ) on A CLUTCH, was the clutch put on wrong u tink its better for me to just get a nother new clutch. the mechanic i whent too put an XTD clutch he told me that was a good clutch i never saw it i gave him the money for the clutch and labor.AND by checking the ignition system u mean replaceing the wires and the spark plug.THANKS FOR YOUR HELP

Only a mechanic, IN PERSON, can answer your questions.

Someone should check for a missing motor mount or transmission mount. A loose or broken one too.

it has 3 right the 2 on the sides and 3rd dont know how do i check them if there busted.