1991 honda civic

the shifting has recently become very difficult.it now always grinds going into reverse. 1st and 3rd are quite hard to get into as well.

Thanks for any help


When was the last time you changed the transmission oil? Are you driving on the original clutch? How many miles are on the car and on the clutch?

Does the car “jump” when it goes into gear? Your slave cylinder may be bad (leaking). Hold the clutch down for about 15 seconds (car standing still) and see if the shifting gets worse with time.

I agree with the others that it sounds like the clutch is not disengaging properly. My '82 Civic was a cable operated setup and could be adjusted. If yours is hydraulic it may be time for a look at the hydraulics. A failing seal in the internals of the master or the slave cylinder could be responsible and you wouldn’t see a leak.

I believe that this has a cable clutch and that there is a clutch adjustment on this model . . . check the owners manual or a Chiltons . . . I believe that “letting out” the clutch a bit more will give you more clutch and help with your hard shifting. Also, look for a fluid reservoir like the brake master cylinder and see if it has fluid. Rocketman