95' Chevy Blazer s-10

Does anyone know where the battery terminal is in the distributer cap for a 95 chevy blazer s-10

You are going to have to re-write this as battery terminals are on the battery. The distributor cap has “terminals” for the secondary ignition system. I know if you clarify yoyr post we can get you the answer you seek.
Maybe your are asking what terminal on the distributor harness is considered to be the Battery (+)terminal?
Perhaps you include your engine type and even the symptons you are experiencing.

The engine that I’m working on is the 4.3 Vortec W engine type. The car has stalled 2 of last two times driving it. Once on a bridge and after towing I was able to jump start it and drive… untill the second stall which after towing I was not met with the same luck as before and have had zero luck jumpstarting. My fuel pressure is fine… around 58 psi… so now I am following the chiltons protcol for ignition testing. The book says : check for the presence of normal battery voltage at the battery (BATT) terminal in the distributor cap. So I guess I need to know where to test on the distributor cap for battery voltage. Is that right?
Thanks so much

I have the FSM for your car,I went to look for your info and came to a blank (almost) page. It said to refer to the Driveability Manual,I don’t have it what I can say is check all the terminals for the presence of B+ if you have itchances are it is on the correct terminal,if no terminal have it you are on to something.

You can do the normal spark or fuel tests,spray starting fluid in the intake,does it run,yes,you have spark. Pull a plug wire, insert a plug and ground it do you see spark at the plug electrode?

I tried the spark plug test and there is no spark. I checked the carbon button in the distributor cap, and found battery voltage there. Do you have any ideas on a next step?

Finding B+ on the carbon button of the distributor cap is alien to me. Are you finding B+ on any of the wires in the harness to the didtributor or ignition coil.

Is this a OBD 2 system (distributor cap spark plug terminals point horizontial) or a non OBD 2 distributor (vertical plug wire connections). I ask because I don’t see a crankshaft position sensor used with the earlier distributor.

Do you have power at the ignition coil?

I found B+ on the ignition coil post after taking off the wire from the distributor cap. I still have no spark when I pull a spark plug wire and put a spark plug in it and crank the engine.

It’s and OBD 2, the cap has horizontal terminals

Are you using a test light on this post? how are you sure it is B+? Because you are getting B+ where I think you should not (the high voltage output terminal for the coil)I think you need to OHM the coil for shorts. The FSM shows a picture of OHMing the coil from the high voltage output terminal to one of the DC input terminals,between the DC input terminals and from the DC input terminals to the bracket of the coil.

It doesn’t give values to expect,but I would think ,high voltage output to DC input should be infinite,between the DC ins infinite,and DC in to bracket infinite. All this info is in the Driveability Manual,what does your Chiltons say about coil testing?

I’m using a multimeter for testing.

high voltage output terminal to DC input: I got 18K, book says 5k-25k
DC input to bracket: I got infinite, book says infinite
DC input to DC input: I got 0.4 Ohms, book says should be 0.1 Ohms

With the key in the run postion I get battery voltage on the high voltage output terminal
With the key in the start postion, it drops to about 0.5 volts

I’m thinking either the coil, or maybe the ignition switch is the problem?

Whith a test light connected to the negative side of the coil and grounded,crank the engine does the light flash? What test does Chilton say for module and pickup test?

Your figure for coil test are good. Do you get B+ when cranking?

I am leaning more to crankshaft position sensor. I still can’t place the B+ at the high voltage terminal. But I have never checked this on a car that does have spark.

I don’t have a test light, just a multimeter. I don’t see a module or pickup coil test for a 95 blazer

When cranking I only get about 0.5 volt on the termnal. I get B+ when the key is in the auxillary, or run postion

Can you find a terminal that gets B+ while cranking? Books4cars.com just sold me a 95 C/K Driveability Emissions manual for $29.00 it has your 4.3 in it. They do have a 95 S/T Driveability for $29.00,the Driveability sections are supplements to the normal FSM’s. Helms got $50.00 + $7.00 processing +$10.00 shipping for a 2000 C/K Driveability manual. OBD2 and Driveability are my new hobbies.

These are the cars I worked on most while I was with GM although I did not do driveability for them.