'95 camry starter/solenoid(SP?)

had new starter installed–car started at shop after installation,when i went to drive it from mechanics and one other time all on same day, last tuesday–

car has since been parked until tonight,saturday, when i tried to start it—all i got was the clicking noise i believe indicates a bad solenoid—before new starter installed car started erratically and when it was not starting there was total silence when ignition was activated—but car always started,sometimes at once ,sometimes took 2-6/7 tries but always started–

any ideas re what is going on–read there are 2 different starters for the car—one designated as a 70 and the other as an 80–

if wrong one installed would it work for a short time,ie,3 starts, and then burn itself or something else out–

or is this one of those mysterious coincedences –

last—will car take a jumpstart—

battery is ok—lights/ac,etc all running–



ps–thanks to those who info’d me re front end problem w/ new solara conv and directed me to the toyota service bulletin–

Could also be key switch and wires that go with it,battery cables and connections.
Check red battery cable wire under coating for green buildup.
Check for battery voltage all the way to starter and to solenoid

thanks for info–wil print it out and maybe the mech will get some help—
you aren’t by any chance a mechanic in the new york area–had a great one but he retired and have been going nuts since----and the solara conv is fun but not exactly sensible for nycity—