'95 Buick Lesabre

Two things needed on my '95 Lesabre and I wonder if I can do them myself. I am not a mechanic but am handy.

1. there is oil in the radiator (or something like oil)

2. the oil pan gasket needs replacing


if there is oil in the radiator then you need to check it out ASAP.

have you looked at the oil lately?

oil in the radiator means there is a high chance there is water in the oil. very bad for the engine.

if this has oil mixed with water in the engine it in likely a blown head gasket. $600 or so

if you don’t repair it, you are looking at $2 or 3,000 for a rebuilt engine.

i don’t know if auto parts stores sell a test kit to measure for exhaust in antifreeze, but you should get it checked.