94 suburban alternator question

I need to replace the alternator on my 1994 Chevy c1500 suburban, 5.7 liter, 2 wheel drive. it has dual a/c, and power everything.

The auto parts stores such as autozone, advance, pep boys, etc. list three options for the replacement alternator – a 120 amp, a 105 amp, and a 100 amp alternator.

How do I determine for sure which amp-rating alternator I currently have? I want a straight replacement of what I have now, whatever that is.


Can you find a part number or any other identifying marks on the old alternator?

Will have a look. Thanks.

Look on the RPO code sheet (perhaps the backside of glovebox, alternators have a “K” letter in front of them.Tell the parts people your vehicle is equipped with a "K"60 (100amp) K68 (105 amp) alternator.