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94 Saturn SL2 brakelights

My 94 Saturn SL2 has a brakelight out on the right hand side. Normal light still works. Bulb, right? Changed bulb (tried 2), same problem still exists. All the other lights in the cluster, and everything in the left hand side cluster work fine. I have tried wiggling the 4 wires entering the relevant bulb holder, no change.

Any ideas?

Not sure about the SL2 but Chevy pick-ups are known for tail lamp issues in the all-in-one 3 bulb sockets/circuit board panel that mounts to the back of the tail lens. It’s a one piece plate into which all three bulbs mount in their sockets with an internal circuit board to a single plug-in for all. The socket plate needed replaced and was not repairable internaly…maybe your SL2 has similar problems within your “bulb holder” cuz it sure sounds like we’re talking about the same type part.