2000 Saturn SL1 Tail Lights Out

The tail lights (on the trunk only) on our 2000 Saturn SL1 sedan are out and I can’t solve it. The manual is sketchy but I did check fuses. They’re OK. I’m not sure how to get to where the bulb might be. It’s a thin panel of plastic that might be held on my 1 screw on each side. Is that what I should be disassembling?

You might want to carefully examine the wires going from the car to the trunk. They can go bad due to the motion. One should be a ground wire.

Sorry I don’t know how to change that lamp.

Thanks, Joe. I’ve checked the wires and the seem to be in good condition. I’m going to try removing a coupe of screws to see if that alllows me to remove the plastic cover. Or, I could wait unti the dealership opens and ask them…nah!

Enjoy the holiday.