94 Saturn heater blower runs sometimes after engine off

When we bought our 1994 Saturn SW2 while in warranty we complained to the dealer of an odor after running the air conditoner. The dealer installed a device which runs the heater blower motor to dry the heater core area after the engine is shut off for a few minutes. Lately the heater blower comes on occasionally which runs down the battery. Contacted a Saturn dealer about a year ago and they said they have heard of no such device Saturn installed. I would like to remove this device if possible. Thanks

Yes, removing it, or disconnecting it, would be a good idea.

I’ve never heard of this, either, but whoever installed it should be able to remove it.

Sadly, I don’t think there are any Saturn dealers anymore.

A mechanic with a wiring diagram for your car should be able to locate and remove whatever sort of timer was installed.

It sounds like a “turbo timer” or something similar.

The device is called a “delayed blower control module” There is a number 21020418 on a tag added to the power connector to the blower motor. This is probably an after market device the dealer installed since I am told the 94’s had no such device although a Saturn Parts Company on the web says that number has been discontinued described as a wiring harness.

Any suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated.