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94 Ranger - hub comes off with the wheel

I recently wrote about noise from my front left wheel that stopped when I pushed the brake. Well, I had my '94 Ranger 4 wheel drive up on the lift, having the brakes looked at, and when he pulled the wheel off, the hub came with it, revealing all the greased up inner workings. On videos I’ve watched, it usually takes a few hits of a hammer to get that off. He said he never saw that happen before and both front wheels had that happen when he took them off. I had the brakes worked on less than a year ago and had new calipers, brakes lines and hoses put on. Is it possible they reinstalled something incorrectly that would cause that and is it a problem? Thanks.

If when the brake work was done they also removed the discs for turning or replacement than yes, it is possible. There should have been snap rings installed over the axle shaft spacers.

Attached is an exploded view drawing of the way it should have been assembled.