94 olds 88 royale has a mind of its own

My 94 old 88 starts and runs for 10 min, till check engine light comes on. In another 5-10 min it will shut off, if you come to a slow stop or to turn. It will start up right away and be on its way OK, till it does it all over again. I’ve had it plugged in to retrieve the codes at the local auto store 4 times and they say no codes are stored in the memory. Is some kind of electrical goof or throttle body foul-up, or is it just old and worn like me

Find a shop that can link with the old OBD 1 system and understands how to diagnose problems. Often, a CEL with no codes will show a history of code numbers that don’t exist when the computer is failing.

when i got the car someone had shoved the plug in up under the dash, probably when put in a new in-dash CD player. the car only cost 350, so the is no real investment except new windshield.