'94 Lincoln Town Car White Smoke

i have a 94 lincoln town car that blows white smoke from the exhaust pipes sometimes so bad you can not drive the car. there is no antifreeze in the oil and no oil in antifreeze. antifreeze level matains the same and is clean. the car does use oil but not badly. compression check shows all of the cylinders to have aduaqate compression but one spark plug does foul out completely covered in black slush occasionally. i had to replace an intake valve spring because it was so weak that it caused the rocker to fall off and was just sitting in the bottom of the vavle cover. the car gets great gas milage and the timing is perfect. run perfect and is in great shape. i can not figure out why the dam thing smokes like it does. very flustrating. any help?

From what I know, white “smoke” can be steam from a blown head gasket, or it can be brake fluid sucked in through the power brake booster.

A ruptured vacuum diaphragm for the tranny vacuum modulator can allow tranny fluid to be drawn in and burned. I know from personal experience that that makes billows of white smoke. This can be checked by disconnecting the vacuum line to the modulator and looking for evidence of tranny fluid. Have you checked your tranny fluid lately?

Vacuum modulator on a 94 town car? I thought it used a TV cable instead.
Edit - Wait, I was thinking 91. Wasn’t 94 electronic?

You may be right, but I didn’t think they were using electronically controlled trannys that early.

If they were, I stand corrected. Thanks for the post.

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