94 Kia Sephia Idle/Fuel Problem


I have a 94 Kia Sephia with 200,800 miles on it. I have never had any proble with the vehicle until now. It starts fine when cold and runs well however if it is a hot day or when the car reaches operating temperature and I shut it off and restart it it chockes out and dies. After cranking the vehicle it will start but emits the smell of fuel and emissions from the tail pipe. After a minute or two it smooths out and the smoke goes away. It is not burning any oil. The emessions smell like fuel.

What can be causing this?



Good miles out of the car. I had a '97 that I donated. These are Mazda engines and pretty solid, just bad rep IMHO. One weak point is the distributer, just open the cap and make sure you are not getting any oil in there. If you are sometimes an O-ring is all you need and sometimes the whole distributor is done for. Now it could also be a long host of other components, but that is where I will start from.


Thanks. I just replaced the cap, coil, wires, etc. Next will be the fuel filter and I am having an injector cleaning done.