94 Honda Passport Problem, running rich and misfire

a couple months ago i took my truck in to get the slave cylinder replaced, and when i got it back it was running really rich and developed a miss. did some checking and found i had a couple bad injectors.

i replaced those and after a fixing a couple things i missed during reassembly it ran great for 4 hours. then it was back to what it was doing before, but not blowing quite as much smoke.

i replaced the plugs and wires, and no change. let it sit for a couple days and it ran fine for 15 seconds and went back to crap. thought i might have gotten some bad wires so i replaced those and took the coil packs and ICM in to get tested, they were fine. put everything back together and now it runs worse than ever.

doubtful it’s a head gasket as i’m not losing any water or oil, and there’s no water in the oil or oil in the water.

so far the symptoms are a misfire or two, runs very rich, a loud whiring sound from under the hood, what sounds like a vacuum leak(double checked all hoses and new upper intake was installed with gasket sealer so i dont think it’s that).

i’m stumped so far. all i can really think it is is possibly a bad ICM that the test didn’t catch, same with the coil packs(noticed some green corrosion on one of the plugs on the ICM that goes into one of the coilpacks), also could be the timing belt/tensioner, or the ECM. the computer isn’t throwing and codes though.

is there something that could have been damaged while the slave cylinder was being replaced?

any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

the only thing i can say jumps out at me is why did you use sealant on the intake? dont they come with a new o-ring gasket? shouldn’t need sealant. why did you use sealant? is it cracked or deformed?

then further thinking about the sealant, have you sprayed ether (sparingly) in th vicinity of the intake plenum, and around the hoses to see if it changes the idle? this would confirm a leak in the intake, and the vacuum.