94 honda exterior lights

I have a 94 honda accord and the exterior lights stay on. I have made sure that my head light/running light switch is off.

All the lights? DLR Headlight Turn signals brakes city lights etc?

Does that 1994 model have a lighting computer???

no, just the running light! I pulled a fuse in the car under the dashbord. and that controlls the remote starter the unlock button on my key chain. and it turned off the lights when im not using the car. The lights still work though when i turn the running lights on. But now i can’t unlock my car with my remote i have to do it manuly.

Try disconnecting one by one the little control modules under the dash and relays in the fuse boxes.

Subarus have a switch mounted on top of the steering column that allows the running lights to be turned on at any time. Perhaps your car has the same kind of thing.

I’m unaware of a remote start option on a '94 Accord. Is this an aftermarket system?

If the running lights still work with the light switch after you pulled the remote starter fuse, the problem is with the remote starter system.

Good idea, but Hondas don’t have this switch.

The honda remote starter is an aftermarket product, i did not install it though, there is no switch in the honda for the running light. I have already tryed diconectin each fuse to see what one it could be, and all of them have not worked. Im leaning towred the idea that the remote starter kit has a fault in it a short or smothing, and i diconected that fuse and no more problem. Anyone know how to unistal the remote starter kit?